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An explanation to why we are working the way we are.

When the guidelines were announced for our re-opening, we studied them closely. With the knowledge that COVID-19 is a highly infectious “airborne" transmitted virus we decided that to create a sterile environment within my salon I should really wash everyones hair prior to cutting it. 

I am currently constantly being asked why do I have to wash my hair in your shop when I can do it at home or even the night before and save you doing it.


Without you knowing, you touch your hair dozens of times a day, it’s an automatic process that you do without even knowing. Although we are constantly washing and sterilising our hands, it's impossible to do this every time before you touch your hair. We therefore “could" be contaminating our hair with this virus without our knowledge and possibly without even getting ill.

Before COVID, simply spraying tap water on the hair to help cut it was not an issue. It created a fine mist of water droplets whilst cutting with absolutely no risk and then drying the hair with a hairdryer evaporated the water with no issues.

Now, however spraying tap water on hair that may have been touched (contaminating) will create a fine mist of infected water droplets whilst cutting and drying it. The water droplets in this fine mist can carry coronavirus particles that may be absorbed through the nose, mouth or eyes and risk transmission of the virus. Without the knowledge on how long these droplets are in the air, we have to assume that this poses a risk to other customers and me.

All this may seem extreme however it is a risk which I have had to calculate and prevent. Other barbers have chosen to interpret the guidelines differently however I hope the above now explains why I am working the way I am. This method of working has considerably reduced my income, so it is not being done to earn more.

As I have said within my shop, why stop sterilisation at your hands when you walk in when it’s your hair I am working on.

So what are we doing?

Prior to every customer entering our salon, we are making sure our salon is in the most sterile environment we can provide.

* Worktops, sink, barber chair, hand mirror, hairdryer and door hand is wipe with Barbicide medical grade disinfectant and is left as recommenced for 2 minutes. If the waiting chairs are used by carers or parents of children, they are also disinfected.

* All used tools are soaked in Barbircide medical grade disinfectant for a minimum of 10 minutes and then rinsed, dried and re-oiled if necessary. All clippers are first cleaned of hair and then disinfected with Clippercide Spray and re-oil.

* We are storing all tools away from our work area so that they stay clean when not in use.

* We are using disposable gowns and biodegradable disposable hair towels.

* We have currently suspended the use of a neck brush as it can not be disinfected properly between customers.

* We are constantly reviewing the government guidelines. We are currently using a face visor and type-2 face mask which is changed every 3 - 4 hours.

* Operating a one-in one-out policy.

* Providing ventilation.

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